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It takes more than great software to stand up a world-class legal document management process. When you start your journey with ContractPodAi, a dedicated team of business, technology, and legal experts take personal responsibility for your efficient and effective legal digital transformation from day one.

Journey overview

Transformation journey overview

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Our proprietary transformation model leverages cutting-edge legal design thinking, employing best-practice-driven process innovation to prepare you for the quick, effective adoption of your new legal document management process. ContractPodAi’s legal transformation team provides ongoing, comprehensive guidance from initial installation and migration through a fully-realized legal platform, calibrating the system for your organization’s best advantage at every stage of maturity.
When you partner with ContractPodAi, you’ll be working with the legal and software experts that conceived and developed the platform.

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01 Make Your Case

Make Your Case

If you can’t measure it - don’t do it. Your legal transformation team is uniquely invested in your success, including basing your technology investment directly on the success you realize from the system. That’s why we focus on desired business outcomes, and the metrics by which they’re tracked. Every phase of your tailored implementation and customer success plan is measurement-driven, so you can tangibly demonstrate the success of your team’s work within the enterprise.

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02 Consultative Implementation

Implement with the Inventors

Full legal automation implementation starts from a deep understanding of your legal team’s current state of technology-readiness, and it is built according to a customized playbook to deliver the business outcomes you’ve defined.
Clear and consistent communication between ContractPodAi and your team is fundamental. Your implementation team leader, in addition to mastering the requirements of your current environment and ideal system implementation outcome, will be your single point of contact throughout the process.

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03 Legal Document Migration

Start Strong. Finish Stronger.

Whether you’re managing hundreds of legal documents - or hundreds of thousands - the first and most critical step in legal document migration is to accurately transition your document database into the ContractPodAi system. For this critical activity, we assign in-house migration teams that are made up of seasoned attorneys, legal process experts and senior technologists.
Your legal documents are not only digitized, but quality-checked and optimally loaded for immediate use. Our advanced abstraction process extracts pertinent dates, clauses, and other critical information from existing documents. That allows for more effective searches, more accurate compliance, and ultimately better decision-making.

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04 Legal Engineering Services

Legal Engineering

With the new document database migrated and aggregated within a single repository and quality-checked, ContractPodAi’s legal engineering applies our Watson-powered AI engine to the system to pressure-test its accuracy and readiness. In the process we also train your AI system for optimal performance against your playbook, compliance requirements, and business objectives.
Every specific document type is validated, and the system is further structured for best practices and outcomes by real attorneys with experience in your industry.

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05 Customer Success

How Value Scales

ContractPodAi’s commitment to your success begins upon the full implementation of the legal document management platform within your organization. Because our tailored, phased approach is configured directly to your organization’s situation, you’ll realize value almost immediately.
And as your team becomes familiar with the technology, that value scales as our customer success teams help you tap into the future upside of the platform’s full AI functionality – at no additional cost.


User Advantages

Experience the

ContractPodAi delivers concrete benefits beyond the legal department - sales, procurement, and executive stakeholders will all realize concrete improvements.
The platform agnostically manages every document type: buy-side or sell-side contracts, RFPs, claims and more. This versatility delivers value not only to your legal team, but across the organization. Interdepartmental collaboration and communications become easier and more efficient, maximizing your technology investment. Our legal transformation teams are highly responsive and nimble, engineering the platform at every stage, and for every department, to your company’s best advantage.

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