Version Control logo

Version Control

Effortless version management
Obligation Tracking logo

Obligation Tracking

Automated obligation management
Precedent-Based Negotiations logo

Precedent-Based Negotiations

Consistent negotiations
Contract Analytics logo

Contract Analytics

Actionable data insights
Custom Reports logo

Custom Reports

Tailored reporting solutions
Smart Repository logo

Smart Repository

One source of truth for all contracts
Modern UX logo

Modern UX

Intuitive user experience
Rules Based Negotiations logo

Rules Based Negotiations

Automated negotiation rules
Automated Contract Desk (ACD) logo

Automated Contract Desk (ACD)

Customizable contract templates
Automate Vendor Contracts logo

Automate Vendor Contracts

Streamline vendor contracts
Vendor Contract Intelligence logo

Vendor Contract Intelligence

Enhanced vendor insights
Configure & Customize Templates and Worflow logo

Configure & Customize Templates and Worflow

Tailored templates and workflow
Procurement Integrations logo

Procurement Integrations

Integrated procurement solutions
Risk Score logo

Risk Score

Comprehensive risk assessment
Redraft Contract logo

Redraft Contract

Efficient contract redrafting
Ethics & Guardrails logo

Ethics & Guardrails

Ethical compliance guidance
Multi-File Deep Analysis logo

Multi-File Deep Analysis

Comprehensive multi document analysis
Complex Multi-Query Analysis logo

Complex Multi-Query Analysis

In-depth query analysis
Legal Concierge logo

Legal Concierge

Quick legal insights
Legal Support logo

Legal Support

Seamless legal assistance
Draft Contracts logo

Draft Contracts

Expert contract drafting
Draft Legal Summaries logo

Draft Legal Summaries

Efficient case summarization
Draft Memos logo

Draft Memos

Easy memo drafting
Word Add-In logo

Word Add-In

Work where you already are
Custom Models logo

Custom Models

Tailored AI models
Generative AI Legal Platform logo

Generative AI Legal Platform

Advanced legal AI
Self-Service logo


Empower users with self-service tools
Workflow & Approvals logo

Workflow & Approvals

Streamlined approvals
Automated Contract Review logo

Automated Contract Review

AI-powered review
Scheduled Reports logo

Scheduled Reports

Automated report generation
Collaborate logo


Real-time collaboration
Improve Productivity logo

Improve Productivity

Boost productivity with AI
Risk & Remediation Report logo

Risk & Remediation Report

Comprehensive risk analysis
Self-Service Contract Creation logo

Self-Service Contract Creation

Empower users with self-service tools
Automate Business Process logo

Automate Business Process

Automate key processes
AI-Powered CLM logo

AI-Powered CLM

Streamline operations with AI
End to End CLM logo

End to End CLM

Comprehensive contract lifecycle management
Reduce Time to Value logo

Reduce Time to Value

Accelerate contract processes
Customized Workflow logo

Customized Workflow

Tailor workflows to your needs
Microsoft Word logo

Microsoft Word

Work where you know
Manage logo


Full contract lifecycle management
Create logo


Rapid contract creation
Negotiate logo


Guided negotiations for efficiency
Microsoft Outlook logo

Microsoft Outlook

Contract integration with Outlook
Esignature logo


Integrated eSignature solutions
Automate Legal Request logo

Automate Legal Request

Effortless legal request initiation
Legal Dashboard logo

Legal Dashboard

Visualize legal requests instantly
Centralized Repository logo

Centralized Repository

One source of truth for all contracts
Legal Ops Insights logo

Legal Ops Insights

Elevate operational data
Legal Intake Insights logo

Legal Intake Insights

Real-time request insights
Deepsights: Board, Suite logo

Deepsights: Board, Suite

Financial health insights
Deepsights: GRC logo

Deepsights: GRC

Real-time contract health
Deepsights: Chief Revenue Officer logo

Deepsights: Chief Revenue Officer

Sales pipeline insights
Deepsights: Chief Procurement Officer logo

Deepsights: Chief Procurement Officer

Procurement analytics
Community Insights logo

Community Insights

Benchmark with peer data
Out of the Box Dashboards logo

Out of the Box Dashboards

Instant operational insights
Vault logo


Customize your platform effortlessly
Workflow Builder logo

Workflow Builder

Tailor workflows seamlessly
Google logo


Gmail Add-In for seamless access
Microsoft Dynamics logo

Microsoft Dynamics

Manage contracts in MS Dynamics CRM effortlessly
Salesforce logo


Simplify document management for sales and legal teams
Integrations (CLM) logo

Integrations (CLM)

Seamless integration capabilities
Data Extraction logo

Data Extraction

Quick access to key contract data
Document Translation logo

Document Translation

Instant document translation
UX Translation logo

UX Translation

Multi-language support
Cognitive Search logo

Cognitive Search

Effortless contract search
Leah Redline logo

Leah Redline

GenAI-powered contract review
Deepsights logo


AI-powered analytics dashboards
Party Insights logo

Party Insights

Visualize vendor data instantly
Leah Discovery logo

Leah Discovery

Comprehensive legal analysis
Leah Helpdesk logo

Leah Helpdesk

Instant legal and compliance help
Leah Extract logo

Leah Extract

Quick, precise data extraction
Leah Draft logo

Leah Draft

Expert contract drafting in minutes
Leah Playbook logo

Leah Playbook

Dynamic, customizable contract playbooks
Legal Data is Enterprise Data logo

Legal Data is Enterprise Data

Elevate contract data for strategic decisions
Data-Driven Decisions logo

Data-Driven Decisions

Real-time contract analytics