Platform overview

The first law of business:
be ready for anything

ContractPodAi Cloud is the industry’s most powerful—and powerfully intuitive—legal platform. It gives you complete visibility, command, and control over all legal records your company faces—from anywhere at any time. One platform designed to help in-house counsel initiate, automate, execute and manage any legal scenario—from contracts to claims, M&A to GDPR. Delivered by the industry leader in end-to-end CLM.

Designed for the Way You Work

Every aspect of ContractPodAi Cloud is crafted according to the most advanced principles of modern legal design thinking. It puts you, your workflows, and your needs as corporate counsel at the center of an adaptive technology experience. The result is an ecosystem of tools and expert legal and software support to resolve every use case. You’ll be ready for anything.

Legal Management

Now, for the first time, you have one system to effectively and efficiently manage all use cases. A unified interface to handle your IP portfolio including trademarks, patents and copyrights. A single resource for RFP reviews, from managing the public tender process to onboarding vendors. One platform. All legal scenarios. Any time.

Customize a Pre-built App Or Build One From Scratch

You’ll build fully-configured, functional applications in seconds or minutes—without ever having to write a line of code. Using the Legal Application Launcher you can quickly select and easily tailor pre-built applications to your exact needs, from corporate governance to IP management. Or, design a custom legal app from scratch.

The Power of One

The Power of One

Experience the industry’s only legal platform featuring user-friendly screens that step you through the initiation through resolution of every challenge, every use case and every document.


Pre-configured or New


Application Type


Intake Form




Legal Obligations


Tabs & Call to Actions


Execute & Manage

End-to-end CLM Simplified

Our best-in-class CLM is now even better. The new platform gives users across your enterprise the ability to initiate, execute and manage a contract—from start to signature—in record time. Straightforward, instructive screens guide even non-legal users throughout the entire contracting process, helping you automate and streamline every critical document—from sales deals to lease and employee agreements.

Always Be in Compliance

Snapshot screens, featuring updated risk scorecards, are embedded in every ContractPodAi Cloud application to help you instantly assess and expertly manage your company’s compliance. You’ll streamline go/no-go decisions to stay on top of regulatory guidelines like GDPR and reduce risk across your organization.

Experience a Better
B2B Interface

Whether you’re building new or customizing an existing application, our platform delivers the industry’s first consumer-like user interface embedded in a B2B legal-tech solution. It’s an app-building experience that’s fast, easy and intuitive.

Powerful Workflow Builder

At the heart of our new platform is a Workflow Builder. The advanced Ai in our system will suggest a workflow based on your company’s playbook and the legal scenario you’re addressing. As illustrated in this real estate example, you can choose between the recommended workflow or configure a custom workflow, step-by-step, with our user-empowered interface.

Analytics That Matter

Our DeepSight dashboard provides a holistic view of your legal operations, along with the analytical insights and Ai-driven control to achieve measurable results. And you’ll visualize these results in ways that resonate with your company’s leadership.

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