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General Counsel Leadership in Action: IPsoft

Read about IPsoft's success story using ContractPodAi's Contract Lifecycle Management System to transform at a crucial time.


General Counsel Leadership in Action: IPsoftCheck out one of our client success stories today. And see how ContractPodAi embeds advanced AI functionality across the entire contract lifecycle to help you do more – with fewer resources – when it counts the most.

IPsoft had already undergone a legal digital transformation by the time that COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic hit. The multinational technology company focuses on artificial intelligence, cognitive, and autonomic solutions. However, it needed to adopt and implement an AI-based contract management system for its legal teams around the world. Above all else, IPsoft’s in-house counsels required artificial intelligence in its contract lifecycle management (CLM), along with remote access to contracts and related documents. They needed to be ready for any event, such as the spread of a contagion, and be able to work completely uninterrupted.

Find out how ContractPodAi helped make IPsoft’s CLM process more efficient and effective before COVID-19 and the related lockdown. Download this success story today to learn:

    • How to help legal teams be productive anywhere in the world with AI-powered contract management and cloud-based, all-sources-information portals
    • What full, end-to-end contract lifecycle management solutions mean to forwarding-thinking clients like IPsoft
    • How to get AI-based contract management software up and operating quickly

Download this success today. And see how ContractPodAi helps you do more with less, especially during a large-scale crisis.

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