General Counsel Masterclass: Rajah & Tann Asia

See how law firm Rajah & Tann transitioned to AI-powered legal services to better serve customers and perfectly timed the transition to work from home.

How Law Firm Rajah & Tann Asia Changed the Way They Delivered Legal Services with an AI-Powered Contract Lifecycle Management System

Rajah & Tann Asia is a law firm with over 800 fee earners across 10 different countries in Southeast Asia. They offer unified, authentic legal services for local and global based clients and customers.

Rajah & Tann recognized the need for practical technology within their law firm to deal with the challenges that COVID-19 brought.

This Masterclass video covers:

  • Digital transformation in the legal space in Asia
  • How Rajah & Tann successfully embedded legal technology into their workflows
  • Artificial intelligence (AI) and legal automation as a growing market
  • Best practices for law firms adopting and using technology
  • How the legal industry can ultimately come out of the crisis stronger with the help of technology

With the help of legal technology, Rajah & Tann Asia changed the way they delivered legal services. The firm is now able to better help their customers assess risks and ensure business continuity – all while working remotely.

Watch the Masterclass video to learn more about Rajah & Tann Asia’s legal digital transformation journey.

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