General Counsel Virtual Masterclass: Inmarsat II

See how global telecom giant Inmarsat transformed its legal team with ContractPodAi's AI-powered Contract Lifecycle Management to improve overall performance and customer satisfaction.

How Satellite Communications Company Inmarsat Positively Changed the Way It Provides Customer Service with an AI-Powered Contract Lifecycle Management System

Inmarsat is a leading satellite communications company that offers mobile services around the world. It has provided telephone and data services to governments, media outlets, and businesses for more than four decades.

To improve its overall performance and customer satisfaction, Inmarsat adopted and implemented an AI-powered, end-to-end contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution. The CLM system included a central digital repository, in which its contracts and related documents could be better organized.

This contract management case study covers:

  • What drove Inmarsat’s legal digital transformation
  • How Inmarsat used the CLM system to properly manage risks within the company
  • Why creating mission statements and KPIs for your legal team is so important
  • How the CLM system helped Inmarsat seamlessly shift to working from home (WFH)

By deploying legal technology, Inmarsat has made its day-to-day contracting activities more efficient and effective than ever before. It also ensures customer satisfaction even while working remotely.

Watch the contract management case study to learn more about Inmarsat’s legal digital transformation and success with ContractPodAi.

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