Webinar: Contract Management System Operational Excellence

Hear how legal counsels have been handling contract management throughout the global crisis, and what legal teams can do to adapt.


In-house legal work can be a chaotic: there are too many contracts but not enough resources, and slow and inefficient processes. And during an extreme crisis, such as the COVID-19 pandemic, these challenges are amplified. This prompted us to examine the everyday contracting systems and processes of legal departments.

ContractPodAi’s latest Research Study reveals how contract management is handled by general counsels (GCs) and legal teams currently. It shows new usages and practices – like the deployment of a contract management system (CMS) – and old ones that need to be adjusted for new realities like COVID-related lockdowns.

In this webinar, Matt Gould, ContractPodAi’s Head of Legal Transformation and a former general counsel (GC) at LycaMobile Group, and Steve Rigler, Director of Contract Operations from Inmarsat, discuss our recent findings. They are joined by Paul Branch, COO at World Commerce & Contracting (World CC).

Together, they look at:

  • The need to vastly improve operational performance and prevent contractual risks
  • The importance of simplifying and speeding up the contract management process
  • The value of a common, intuitive contract management platform

Plus, our in-depth discussion promises more valuable insights on an agreement management system powered by artificial intelligence.

Watch the webinar, and learn how to regain control of your contracts and mitigate risk with the most effective contract management software.

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