General Counsel Virtual Masterclass: ContractPodAi

Hear from ContractPodAi's Matt Gould, long-time legal counsel, about legal tech transformation benefits, strategic values, and the implementation process of a Contract Lifecycle Management system.

ContractPodAi’s General Counsel and Head of Legal Transformation, Matt Gould, Talks About His Long-time Experience with Legal Tech Transformation

As a former General Counsel (GC) at Telstra, Matt Gould joined ContractPodAi as General Counsel and Head of Legal Transformation in 2020. Today, Gould continues to manage a team of project managers focused on legal technology implementation. He helps customers deploy a reliable contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution for their own corporate legal departments. He also works closely with sales teams to offer such contract management systems (CMS) powered by artificial intelligence (AI).

Traditionally, a lawyer’s job has been quite “linear.” It has involved manual ways of working — and even an avoidance of new legal tech altogether. Alongside his implementation team, Gould fully supports legal professionals as they use legal tech to function more efficiently and effectively.

In this interview with Charles Dimov, ContractPodAi’s VP of Marketing, Gould discusses:

  • The strategic value of contract management solutions to companies
  • The benefits of having a CLM system for workflows and approvals, while working remotely
  • The way implementation teams make CLM deployments a whole lot smoother

These days, the average company has thousands of active agreements. So, working from home (WFH) — without a central digital repository — is challenging to say the least. A CLM solution, which offers this and other features, allows corporate legal teams to access contracts or related documents, regardless of their location.

Watch this interview to learn more about beginning your own legal tech transformation journey. And discover the importance of having an implementation team that can help you along the way.

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