General Counsel Virtual Masterclass: Legal Digital Transformation with Via

Join Erin Abrams from Via and Jerry Levine from ContractPodAi as they discuss legal digital transformation and contract management software.

How Transit Provider Via Began Its Legal Digital Transformation — with the Help of End-to-End Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software

Via is a leading provider of transit and innovative mobility solutions powered by advanced technology. It offers pre-scheduled transit and on-demand mobility in more than 20 countries. It works closely with partners in the public and private sectors — with universities, hospitals, municipalities, and corporate campuses.

More recently, Via started its own legal digital transformation by using legal technology to enhance the functions of the general counsel (GC) and legal team. The global company adopted and implemented a contract lifecycle management (CLM) solution to migrate all contracts and related documents to a centralized digital repository. The system significantly helps with the organization of these vital legal documents, tracking contractual obligations, renewals, and expirations.

By leveraging such end-to-tend CLM software, Via is able to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its legal department. What’s more, it is able to continue its all-important growth journey.

This contract management case study covers:

  • The positive impact that legal tech, like a CLM system, has on legal teams and companies
  • The true value of GCs when it comes to higher-level, strategic work, risk management — and the deployment of new legal tech
  • The importance of diversity and inclusion within legal teams and outside counsel

Watch this contract management case study, and learn more about Via’s legal digital transformation journey and success.

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