Tech Talk – Transforming Corporate Legal Departments with Consilio

What are some of the challenges and surprises that corporate legal departments saw this past year? And how can legal technology help?

How Consilio Transforms Corporate Legal Departments

Consilio stands as one of the world’s most recognized and capable eDiscovery, document review, and legal consulting service providers. Recently, Consilio partnered with ContractPodAi, which develops and provides contract management and legal operations excellence platforms.

These days, plenty of time, resources, and money are wasted during the contract management process. When corporate legal departments and leadership teams adopt and implement legal technology, though, they can vastly improve their contract review, for example.

“We wanted to utilize the latest and greatest types of legal technology and machine learning out there to improve the overall contract review process and make it more streamlined,” says Robin Snasdell, Consilio’s Managing Director. “That is a big area [that] needs improvement, which resulted in [Consilio] … partnering with ContractPodAi.”

The Consilio and ContractPodAi partnership supports corporate legal departments in their legal digital transformation, reducing the time spent on contract review, while increasing operational performance and productivity.

In this tech talk, Snasdell joins Edward Chick, ContractPodAi’s Chief Growth Officer, to discuss the contract management challenges companies faced this past year, as well as the focus areas for corporate legal departments going forward.

This tech talk covers:

  • How the inclusion of AI technology is changing the way legal services are provided today
  • Why corporate legal departments must be geared toward change management to adopt advanced legal technology
  • How speeding up the contracting process and removing lower-value work results in improved efficiencies and cost savings
  • What in-house counsels will look like post-COVID 19 pandemic

Watch this tech talk to learn more about how the Consilio and ContractPodAi’s partnership can empower legal teams.

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