Tech Talks – New Cloud AI Legal Platform

In this series of lively, one-on-one interviews, Charles Dimov, ContractPodAi’s VP of Global Marketing, talks to ContractPodAi executives about the launch of ContractPodAi Cloud.

ContractPodAi’s Senior Leadership Discuss Our New Cloud AI Legal Platform, ContractPodAi Cloud

With the launch of its One Legal Platform, ContractPodAi further helps in-house corporate counsel gain visibility and control over the legal lifecycle of the business. ContractPodAi Cloud streamlines and simplifies all in-house legal processes, from buy- and sell-side contracting to corporate governance, and handles every legal document. The versatile platform leverages AI functionality — across both pre-built applications and configurable applications — like document review, cognitive search, and advanced analytics.

What’s more, ContractPodAi Cloud comes with our expert training and support teams, which can build legal applications according to companies’ workflows and playbook. Also, customers can customize their own application with just a few clicks, within minutes.

In this second part in a series of one-on-one interviews, Charles Dimov, ContractPodAi’s VP of Global Marketing, talks to more ContractPodAi executives about the release of ContractPodAi Cloud. Together, they talk about what ContractPodAi Cloud looks like, how it is easily used by legal and other departments, and how it represents a major development — and a paradigm shift — in today’s legal technology.


Learn How ContractPodAi Cloud Streamlines and Simplifies Everyday Legal Processes in One Legal Platform

Watch Jerry Levine, ContractPodAi’s Chief Evangelist and General Counsel, talk about the AI features and functionalities of ContractPodAi Cloud. Here, Jerry explains the sheer power and user-friendliness of the new platform — thanks to the thinking that went into its legal design and user experience.




Watch Matt Gould, ContractPodAi’s Head of Legal Transformation and General Counsel, talk about the simple integration and intuitiveness of ContractPodAi Cloud. Here, Matt explains how quickly and simply customers can install the new platform — and use the system in multiple ways.




Watch Atena Reyhani, ContractPodAi’s Vice President of Product Management, talk about the ongoing development of ContractPodAi Cloud. Here, Atena explains the scalability of the new platform; customers can use the system’s pre-built applications — or build their own within 30 seconds — depending on their legal use cases.



Click here to watch the previous interviews between Charles Dimov, ContractPodAi’s VP of Global Marketing, and other ContractPodAi executives. And learn even more about how ContractPodAi Cloud empowers legal teams around the world with One Legal Platform.

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