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Watch Now: ContractPodAi’s C-suite Talks About the Launch of ContractPodAi Cloud

ContractPodAi has been a leading provider of AI-powered contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions. But with the launch of its new legal platform, ContractPodAi now offers an ecosystem of AI-based applications, which support the full spectrum of corporate legal team needs. Building on the strength and reputation of ContractPodAi’s pioneering, end-to-end CLM solution, ContractPodAi Cloud automates corporate legal processes on a limitless scale. As a unified legal platform, the robust, intuitive system allows legal teams to manage any use case, document type, or legal scenario — more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

They can use the platform’s pre-built or configurable applications, and reap the full benefits of advanced features, like a centralized repository; AI-powered document review, abstraction, and translation; advanced cognitive search; automated workflows, advanced analytics, and much more. They can then better handle claims and IP portfolio management; RFP and GDPR review; corporate and secretarial governance; disputes and litigations; and LIBOR repapering, in addition to contract lifecycle management.

What’s more, ContractPodAi Cloud amplifies business’s readiness through ContractPodAi’s existing partnerships with complementary technology providers, including IBM, Microsoft, DocuSign, and Salesforce.

In this series of lively, one-on-one interviews, Charles Dimov, ContractPodAi’s VP of Global Marketing, talks to ContractPodAi executives about the launch of ContractPodAi Cloud. In these discussions, they talk about how ContractPodAi Cloud came about, how it works — and what the One Legal Platform means for in-house corporate counsel moving forward.


Learn How ContractPodAi Cloud Automates In-house Legal Processes in One Legal Platform

Watch ContractPodAi CEO and Co-founder Sarvarth Misra talk about the idea behind ContractPodAi Cloud. Here, Sarvarth explains how the new platform places the needs of corporate counsel at the center of the technology experience, consolidating the applications they need for their day-to-day functions.




Watch ContractPodAi Chief Technology Officer Anurag Malik talk about the making of ContractPodAi Cloud. Here, Anurag explains the multiple dimensions of AI included in ContractPodAi Cloud and the application of the platform to multiple use cases, from contract lifecycle management to IP portfolio management.



Watch ContractPodAi Chief Strategy Officer Richa Kaul talk about the inner workings of ContractPodAi Cloud. Here, Richa explains the exponential value of the new platform to in-house legal teams — how its various modules automate and streamline the majority of the tasks they do, every single month, quarter, and year.




Look out for more interviews between Charles Dimov, ContractPodAi’s VP of Global Marketing, and other ContractPodAi executives. And learn even more about how ContractPodAi Cloud empowers legal teams around the world with One Legal Platform.