Webinar: Connect Legal & Enterprise with Tech-Driven Optimization

Watch this webinar to learn how to connect teams with tech-driven, fully integrated optimization with legal technology solutions.

Bridging the Enterprise Gaps: How to Connect Teams with Tech-driven, Fully Integrated Optimization

The need for in-house legal services like contracting is growing — with legal requests outstripping organizational processes. That makes it even more important to use legal technology solutions that simplify how legal requests come in and are managed, and enhance contract analysis to reduce risk.

In this presentation, one of ContractPodAi’s legal experts will take you through not only the Legal Intake app but also relevant enterprise integrations and the automated contract review feature to demonstrate how to:

  • Empower business users to initiate all legal requests
  • Streamline inbound legal requests in a centralized location
  • Improve governance, compliance, and transparency in the contract review process

Fyodor Goloubentsev,
Sales Engineer, Strategic Sales

The next step in modern contracting is here. Watch the webinar to learn more.

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