Webinar: How To Simplify Contracting Through Standardization And Automation

Watch this webinar to learn the benefits of automating agreements, like DPAs and NDAs, and how legal technology can play a role in standardization.

How To Simplify Contracting Through Standardization And Automation

Today’s contracts are broken, with 90% of clauses in multi-page agreements being boilerplate, according to World Commerce & Contracting. Without question, modern contracts can — and should — be more practical, functional, and easily understandable.

As legal standardization gains traction, it is clear that standardization and legal technology go hand in hand. Legal technology helps to digitize and automate the standardization process, and—in turn—benefits immensely from standardization (e.g., easier contract creation, negotiation, and review).

Watch this on-demand webinar as leading standardization experts discuss:

  • Why contract standardization has become so essential to the legal community
  • The tremendous benefits of standardizing and automating agreements, like DPAs and NDAs
  • How and why oneNDA and oneDPA were started
  • What role legal technology plays in standardization


  • Barry Proudfoot, Legal Counsel, Diageo
  • Jerry Levine, Chief Evangelist & General Counsel, ContractPodAi
  • Roisin Noonan, COO and oneDPA founder, TLB
  • Graham Edwards, Senior Legal Transformation Lead, PwC UK

The next step in modern contracting is here. Learn how standardization and tech can simplify your contracting.

Watch the webinar to learn more.

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