Webinar: The AI Value Prop for In-House Legal Departments

Watch this webinar to learn more about what to expect around AI — now and in the future.

The AI Value Prop for In-House Legal Departments: What Corporate Counsel Should Expect Around Artificial Intelligence

By now, there is little doubt that artificial intelligence (AI) pays dividends for today’s enterprises. AI positively transforms legal teams, in particular, helping to automate everyday processes and extract crucial contract data, and fueling necessary business reporting and strategic work. And it does so quickly, effectively, and securely. But even though the advanced technology is becoming increasingly important to modern companies, it remains misunderstood — and underappreciated — by many legal leaders.

In this in-depth webinar — in the next edition of the IHC Legal Innovation Series — ContractPodAi’s Chief Evangelist and General Counsel, Jerry Levine, joined In-House Connect’s CEO & Co-founder, Shai Mehani. Together, they discuss:

  • What AI is exactly and how it applies to today’s legal departments
  • The different ways legal professionals can leverage AI
  • The biggest benefits of AI and automations for legal teams
  • The importance of building risk management practices into AI development

Learn more from Levine and Mehani about what to expect around AI — now and in the future.

Watch the webinar to learn more.

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