Webinar: How to Make Legal Digital Transformation Simpler With AI And No-Code

Learn more about the changes in the legal industry when it comes to legal digital transformation and efficiency as departments begin to understand the value of automation.

Managing Change for The Better: How to Make Legal Digital Transformation Simpler With AI And No-Code

In the last couple of years, the adoption of legal technology has accelerated across organizations — along with the delivery of individual applications and the time to value. Simply stated, AI-driven, no-code platforms are replacing rather code-heavy software. Legal and business users can use contract management solutions — embedded with these technologies — instead of relying only on the expertise of engineers. They can generate a higher volume of agreements, while mitigating the risk associated with modern contracts.

In this in-depth webinar sponsored by Legal Operators, Jerry Levine, ContractPodAi’s Chief Evangelist and GC, and Rajan Gupta, Meta’s Head of Technology, discuss:

  • Why using artificial intelligence and no-code technology facilitates legal workflow management
  • How to evaluate your organizational readiness and manage stakeholders around technology deployment
  • What to expect from AI and no-code technology in the next few years

Learn more from Levine and Gupta to better understand the changes taking place in the legal industry — and the ultimate value of legal digital transformation.

Watch the webinar to learn more.

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