Webinar: Beyond the Buzz: Getting to Know the Real Impact of AI on Legal Ops

Watch this webinar to learn more about the growing importance of AI to modern legal operations.

By 2024, legal departments will have automated half of their legal work related to major corporate transactions, according to Gartner. Artificial intelligence (AI) and prescriptive analytics, in particular, have long been trumpeted as “transformative” for legal operations. But why should legal operators digitize their processes with this advanced technology?

In this in-depth webinar, ContractPodAi’s Chief Evangelist and General Counsel, Jerry Levine, joins Legal Operators Founder and CEO Colin McCarthy and Qualitas Consulting Group President Lauryn K. Haake. Together, they discuss:

  • The definition of AI in the context of the legal department
  • The practical applications of AI technology in legal operations
  • The true impact of automation on legal ops and the enterprise

At the end of the day, legal practitioners should not be reluctant to use AI technology in their operations. Such automation helps to create efficient, effective legal management processes, so your legal team has more time for those big-picture items.

Ask yourself:

  • What exactly does artificial intelligence mean to you?
  • What are the main advantages of automating legal management processes?
  • How does AI-based legal technology drive better business outcomes?

Watch our webinar to learn more.

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