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More than 30% of respondents see the need to speed up legal work within law departments – above all else – by the end of 2023, according to Gartner. Combine that with the massive amount of contracts that organizations generate to do business, and it is clear to see why it is essential to decrease the amount of time spent on producing them.


Find out how ContractPodAi’s Auto-Contract Desk can help you make your contract drafting more efficient and effective. Download our Product sheet today to:

  • Learn more about the features and functionalities of advanced contract generating
  • See how Auto-Contract Desk can fit into your contract lifecycle management process
  • Discover how this new feature can help you to increase the speed of your legal work and lower operating costs

Download our Auto-Contract Desk product sheet today and see how ContractPodAi helps you to do more with less.


Using the best AI Technology from IBM Watson, our platform breaks down traditional barriers around documents to give you seamless and limitless functionality out of the box.

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