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Is it Time for Your Digital Transformation?

These days, the advancement of technology continues to take hold of all aspects of consumer and corporate life. General counsels, in-house legal departments, and contract teams have been touched by this digital transformation, too. In fact, digital transformation in the legal sector represents a significant paradigm shift, impacting legal counsels and management consultants alike. Legal tech, in particular, has made it fully possible for legal professionals to advance their skills while becoming greater business assets to their organizations.  Digital Transformation Scorecard

Of course, there is a variety of ways that legal departments and firms can start undergoing this digital transformation today.

  • You can choose out-of-the-box (OOTB), instead of customer-coded, legal technology;
  • Find champions (of digital transformation) within the organization – those embracing digital and using new contract management technology, for instance;
  • Focus on business outcomes as reflected by key performance indicators (KPIs), etc.; and
  • Set realistic return on investment (ROI) benchmarks.

Whatever you decide to do as a member of an in-house legal team or law firm, consider taking a step-by-step approach that does not leave anyone behind. In this way, you are also far more likely to succeed in adopting digital technologies that improve organizational efficiency while lowering overall operating costs.

Now, find out where exactly your organization’s digital transformation is, whether at the early, middle, or later stages. Fill out the scorecard below to learn if there are significant deficits in your current contract management system – those that need to be addressed before you put in place a long-term, sustainable plan for digitization.


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