Webinar: A Data-driven Approach to Contract Lifecycle Management and Legal Digital Transformation

Webinar: A data driven approach to legal digital transformation


These days, contracting is often a slow, manual, and complex process, placing undue pressure on your organization and delays deal flow. Consequently, legal digital transformation – through contract lifecycle management software – is gaining more attention and investment in the legal industry. It simplifies the complexities of contract management by automating mundane tasks, reinventing complicated workflows, and freeing up resources.

This webinar, hosted by Cosmonauts, includes speakers Charles Dimov, VP of Global Marketing at ContractPodAi; George Barlow, Director of Legal at ContractPodAi; Jerry Levine, General Counsel and Corporate Secretary at IPsoft; and Ben Shilito, Legal Director at Fujitsu UK. Together, they discuss the steps that companies should take when adopting and implementing new legal technology and starting their legal digital transformations.

Watch our webinar to learn more about:

    • How legal automation can help your company exceed ROI expectations
    • Adopting and implementing a contract lifecycle management (CLM) system, and seeing positive results in your contracting
    • The importance of using metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs) to provide better governance and more transparency during the contract lifecycle

Considering your own legal digital transformation? ContractPodAi offers an AI-powered, end-to-end CLM solution. Plus, our transformation team and trusted technology partners guide you through every step of the journey, facilitating migration and implementation for measurable business outcomes.

Watch our webinar to find out more.

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