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Many organizations, regardless of the industry they are in, lack the resources to ensure full compliance with data privacy regulations like General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). With potential losses reaching double-digit millions for a single breach - now more than ever - in-house legal teams need to help secure their companies by protecting their data.

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Improve End-to-End GDPR Management

ContractPodAi Cloud automates the entire legal lifecycle of your business to drive efficiency and control throughout your organization. Our legal management platform includes a comprehensive GDPR Review application, which mitigates data privacy risk through the improved review of processes, policies and breaches.
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Digitize Workflows to Save Time & Money

ContractPodAi Cloud’s pre-built data privacy software digitizes and streamlines the process for legal reviews associated with GDPR workflows including policies for vendor privacy, vendor data processing, and security breaches.
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Streamline GDPR Reviews

The automated workflows and advanced AI data model in our unified platform are tailored to your GDPR process reviews to help you save time and money while effectively securing your organization’s information.

The Power of One

The Power of One

Experience the industry’s only legal platform featuring user-friendly screens, which step you through the initiation and resolution of every challenge, every use case and every document.


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Breach Response

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Strategic Reporting

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Upload & Extract Key Data

ContractPodAi Cloud’s pre-configured GDPR Review application leverages industry-leading AI capabilities and natural language processing to quickly upload and extract key terms from data-policy materials. You’ll efficiently upload legacy and third-party data policy documents including data storage procedures and data breach liabilities.
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Initiate GDPR Review Requests

Your in-house legal ops team can use self-service forms in the data privacy application to initiate and assign reviews, while uploading documents and extracting key data before this information reaches the assigned reviewers. And you can also customize the forms to record information relevant to the data security requirements of your business and vendor relationships.
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Search Smartly across your Repository

At the heart of our cloud platform is a smart, searchable repository - your single source of truth for managing GDPR and related security compliance documents. You can quickly assemble all documents and reviews related to data security, organizing the material by status, document type, vendor and custom fields. Using best-in-class cognitive search functionality, your teams can also quickly navigate fields based on metadata and document text.
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Respond to Breaches Rapidly

If and when a breach notice is received, you can quickly initiate the review process to assess, act, and resolve the issue fast. The platform’s Task Manager helps you coordinate your legal actions to ensure full compliance - from creating and assigning tasks to tracking status.
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Generate Strategic Insights

ContractPodAi Cloud’s industry-leading reporting capability enables you to automatically generate insights around data security, including vendor policy compliance, breach notifications and breach response. You can customize reports to ensure their relevance to your business, while informing the business-critical decisions that drive data privacy and GDPR compliance.
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