What is Legal Intake Software & How Can It Streamline Operations?

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by Deirdre Leone

Because the need for legal services has been growing and even surpassing the demand of previous years, teams are enduring increased workloads with the same staff headcount. Legal Intake organizes and prioritizes requests automatically, taking menial and manual tasks off your plate.

What is Legal Intake Software?

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Submit and track legal requests from our intuitive, self-service application. Instead of multiple silos for your work, our application provides one central point for all communication. No more rifling through spreadsheets or call logs to track down a task or a file.

All legal requests are kept in one go-to location and are automated to adjust to different types or workflows. The dashboard highlights key insights and allows you to organize or view requests by volume, status, or type.

Traditional In-House Legal Teams Benefit from Legal Intake

The ratio between the number of lawyers to employees is immense. It particularly increases as you consider companies with larger revenue.

The average lawyer to employee ratio is staggering. For example, companies that have more than a billion in revenue have a 1:481 ratio

With the average lawyer supporting upwards of 200 employees, standard siloed channels make it difficult to log and keep track of every request. From emails to chat apps to voicemail, the in-house legal teams may spend an exorbitant amount of time on these administrative tasks – all of which happens even BEFORE the request is started. Important legal requests may take longer due to the need to address repetitive and time-consuming items or losing specific notes or messages in the multitude of communication channels.

Legal Intake takes the guesswork out of recording and tracking requests, providing one centralized location to view everything you need. Workflows are smoothed out and the automation of such menial tasks clears up the legal team’s bandwidth to focus on requests of higher priority. In addition, the time saved also saves your company money.

Save Time, Save Money, Save Your Team’s Sanity

Connecting Legal to the Enterprise

Our One Legal Platform is powered by Ai, which streamlines processes for both legal teams and business users. Results and patterns of your legal requests overall are tracked at every stage, showing you where there may be hurdles or issues for your team. Communications are also centralized to streamline the recording and reviewing of current and legacy correspondence.

Automation of tedious tasks, such as reviewing boilerplate clauses, takes the bulk of necessary (but time-consuming) requests and frees up your bandwidth for the items that require more personalized attention. Similarly, administrative elements like request tracking, user notifications, and status updates are also automatic. After business users complete a simple form, the legal team gets a notification of the request, and when the status of the request changes, the user is informed.

ContractPodAi Supports In-House Legal Teams

Legal Intake empowers your team by allowing them to address specific tasks that need individualized attention. Our application removes the obstacles of monotonous, repetitive tasks and the rabbit hole of searching for specific request communications. Your time is valuable – focus on what is most important.

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