Tech Talk – Why Legal Digital Transformation Is Imperative with Qualitas Consulting Group

ContractPodAi and Qualitas Consulting Group chat about why legal digital transformation is imperative in today's fast changing legal environment

Why Legal Digital Transformation Is Imperative to Qualitas Consulting Group

Traditionally, a lawyer’s job has been seen as very linear and manual. So, technology and legal digital transformation have been considered a novel concept for the legal industry. Today, though, legal digital transformation has become increasingly imperative, as more and more lawyers see the need to balance business and technology with the practice of law. But this is not an effort that can only be taken up by the legal department; rather, it is one that necessitates a complete organizational change and transformation process.

“Legal transformation can be so many wonderful things — if you don’t do it and just go day by day without it, you’re not going to innovate or improve,” says Lauryn Haake, President at Qualitas Consulting Group. “Make transformation an imperative from a general counsel (GC) perspective, then, to give everyone in your legal department something to follow.”

In this tech talk, Haake joins Edward Chick, ContractPodAi’s Chief Growth Officer, to discuss the support legal departments need during their digital transformation journey. They discuss how to determine where you are today and where you ought to be tomorrow? They delve into how to establish best practices and processes going forward — by using legal technology such as contract lifecycle management (CLM) solutions.

More specifically, this tech talk covers:

  • Advice for companies interested in AI systems — and what you should look for when researching CLM systems
  • Industry challenges that drive companies to adopt legal technology
  • Legal digital transformation best practices — and how you can drive organizational change

Watch this tech talk to find out more why legal digital transformation is imperative — and how it can empower GCs and corporate legal teams.

Qualitas Consulting Group LLC is a woman-owned company dedicated to offering functional and technical resources for lawyers, to help them do what they do best. The company focuses on enterprise legal management, contract lifecycle management (CLM), and business process redesign. Recently, Qualitas Consulting Group and ContractPodAi formed a partnership, adding value, expertise, reach, and reputation to the legal technology marketplace, and improving legal operations.

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