Contract Risk and Compliance Datasheet

Reduce contractual risks within legal teams with AI

It is always important for businesses to be aware of the risks, particularly during contract management and review. Every company must stay on top of terms and conditions. They must be prepared to fulfill obligations and agreements with third parties. Still, searching for key clauses takes up a lot of time. To speed up this process, legal teams need to turn to automation. They need to adopt and implement new technologies powered by artificial intelligence (AI), and undergo a legal digital transformation.

ContractPodAi’s newest feature, Contract Risk and Compliance, uses AI within the contract lifecycle management (CLM) system. It helps legal teams to analyze contracts and identify risks quickly – all through natural language processing (NPL).

Download our datasheet today to learn more about the benefits of AI-powered Contract Risk and Compliance:

  • Increased productivity within your legal department
  • Cost savings through AI-powered contract review services
  • Improved governance and transparency in the contract review process

Reduce risks and improve compliance efficiency during contract management and review. With ContractPodAi’s Contract Risk and Compliance, get ‘more for less’ – more impact, less stress.


Using the best AI Technology from IBM Watson, our platform breaks down traditional barriers around documents to give you seamless and limitless functionality out of the box.

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