Contract Management Tips to Prepare for the Next Crisis


The COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic has forced the legal industry to think more deeply about its contingency planning and crisis preparedness. Because working from home (WFH) is the new norm, taking advantage of digital – in all of its forms – is essential to overall business continuity.

This webinar was hosted by Charles Dimov, our VP of Marketing, and Manpreet Dhillon, our Head of Legal Transformation, in partnership with IACCM. In it, they give you the inside scoop on how to prepare for periods of crisis with the help of a full end-to-end contract lifecycle management (CLM) system. They also give you the contract management tips you need for any crisis.

Learn more about:

  • How the current COVID-19 crisis affects contract management
  • How your contract management process can change for the better with automation
  • Ensuring your CLM system is ready for future crises
  • Steps you can take for your legal digital transformation

ContractPodAi conducted research from 50 large corporate legal departments and found that 62% of organizations still use manual methods and processes to manage their contracts. Although this may have been a good enough solution pre-pandemic, access to all contracts and related documents – from anywhere and at any time – is essential now, and it will continue be in the foreseeable future.

Ask Yourself:

  • What part of your current contract management process is the most challenging, particularly during this time?
  • Do you have all of the tools that you will need during a period of crisis?

Get rid of those challenges and give your organization a head start by adopting CLM software. ContractPodAi can give you a complete end-to-end, AI-driven CLM, including the free migration of 500 critical contracts, in just 10 business days. We are here to help during this unprecedented time! Watch our webinar above to find out more.


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