Webinar: How to Make Legal Digital Transformation Simpler With AI And No-Code

Legal Digital Transformation with AI and No Code

Managing Change for The Better: How to Make Legal Digital Transformation Simpler With AI And No-Code

In the last couple of years, the adoption of legal technology has accelerated across organizations — along with the delivery of individual applications and the time to value. Simply stated, AI-driven, no-code platforms are replacing rather code-heavy software. Legal and business users can use contract management solutions — embedded with these technologies — instead of relying only on the expertise of engineers. They can generate a higher volume of agreements, while mitigating the risk associated with modern contracts.

In this in-depth webinar sponsored by Legal Operators, Jerry Levine, ContractPodAi’s Chief Evangelist and GC, and Rajan Gupta, Meta’s Head of Technology, discuss:

  • Why using artificial intelligence and no-code technology facilitates legal workflow management
  • How to evaluate your organizational readiness and manage stakeholders around technology deployment
  • What to expect from AI and no-code technology in the next few years

Learn more from Levine and Gupta to better understand the changes taking place in the legal industry — and the ultimate value of legal digital transformation.

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