Webinar: Law Department Operations Survey 2021: The Broader Influence of Law Department Operations

The annual Blickstein Group Law Department Operations Survey, published in collaboration with Deloitte, focuses on the changes in the legal industry and the growing trends in legal technology adoption. The 44-page survey report includes data points on the state of legal department operations (LDO) at present, and offers law departments and firms advice for the future.

This webinar is hosted by Jerry Levine, Chief Evangelist and GC at ContractPodAi; Brad Blickstein, Principal at Blickstein Group and Partner and Co-Head of NewLaw at Baretz+Brunelle; and Mark Ross, Principal at Deloitte Legal Business Services. Together, they lead an in-depth discussion about all of the legal tech trends and how the LDO function is evolving to help law departments deliver more value to their companies.

Watch our webinar to learn:

  • The top challenges facing legal ops professionals today
  • The key trends in legal tech adoption and implementation
  • The positive outcomes of using contract management solutions (pre-execution and post-execution)
  • The growing relationship between legal operations and law firms

Ask yourself:

  • What do you consider to be your top three KPIs?
  • How often are you involved in enterprise-wide strategic initiatives?
  • How frequently are you part of cross-functional objectives?

Watch our webinar to learn more.