Webinar: Stepping up to Legal Digital Transformation

How to get there faster and more efficiently


The Covid-19 crisis has completely changed the way we work. The use of technology has risen exponentially, with businesses relying on advanced technologies in order to work remotely as efficiently as possible. For legal teams, a lot of the regular mundane tasks done at the office, such as manual document and contract review, is no longer feasible. Taking advantage of technology during this time is crucial, and this is where legal digital transformation comes into play.
This webinar was in partnership with Cosmonauts, and hosted by Charles Dimov, our VP of marketing, Matt Gould, our Head of Legal Transformation, Michael Green, the GM, Legal and Business Advisory at Xero, and Gordon Youngson, Head of Legal at Transferwise. They discussed the benefits of legal digital transformation and how to be prepared and ready for the positive change.

Learn more about:

  • Where legal stands in relation to digital transformation
  • How to get rid of low-value tasks and start focusing on high evaluated work
  • Quick and effective digital transformation techniques that are readily available today

A recent study by Gartner on Legal Automation showed that 89% reported that their organization met or exceeded ROI. Adapting to technologies and automation has positive outcomes. By embracing the change now, the rush of trying to become more digital during the next crisis won’t be so difficult. Speeding up regular processes and become more efficient all comes with adapting to new technologies and allowing the change.

Ask Yourself:

  • What is the obstacle that has kept you from legal digital transformation thus far?
  • What are the key metrics and KPIs that are most important to your corporate legal team?
  • How long do you think it takes to recoup a financial investment in legal digital transformation technology?

Pull your legal team out of mundane, low-value work and upgrade to legal digital transformation. ContractPodAi can help through the whole process, and ensure business continuity for you and your team. Watch our webinar above to learn more.


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