Legal Intake: Bridging the Gap Between Legal and the Rest of the Company

legal intake bridging the gap
by Deirdre Leone

Find out the benefits of ContractPodAi’s Legal Intake app, and learn how it supports legal and other teams.

Let’s face it, the demand for legal services is ever-increasing, and legal teams are stretched fairly thin and feeling stressed. As a direct result, legal requests are now outpacing current organizational processes.

Far too often, in-house lawyers and contracting professionals manage their legal workflows, merely by flagging individual messages and tagging colleagues in requests. (They make old fashioned paper notes, and create spreadsheets and to-do lists, too!) If they use technology to digitize and triage legal intake, their solutions tend to be created for other departments, and miss the nuances and complexity of legal teams’ work. For instance, information technology service management (ITSM) systems are designed to meet IT requirements, instead of those that are unique to corporate legal teams.

The good news is that ContractPodAi helps legal departments centralize and automate all of their legal requests. Our intuitive Legal Intake application serves to streamline communication and   collaboration enterprise-wide, track trends and outcomes within the business, and reduce organizational costs. With Legal Intake, which is powered by a workflow engine, legal users can triage legal requests depending on volume and priority. They can reduce those repeatable, time-consuming legal tasks, while helping business users engage with the legal department. What is more, the app is built by legal technology experts who really understand what legal departments struggle with and need around intake. The workflows and reporting can be configured for your specific organizational needs and even further, as your legal processes mature and the needs of your business change.

Here, we will explore the value of Legal Intake — and how the application supports legal and business departments in their day-to-day activities.

Core Benefits of Legal Intake

1. Better Communication: When it comes to centralizing and simplifying access to legal requests, legal teams can better manage requests, from the very beginning to the very end of the process. (Yes, that means no more friction from other teams, and no more searching emails to see if legal questions were acknowledged properly!)

2. Trackable Trends and Results: Legal users can store and track all legal requests in a central repository, as the requests are submitted by departments and move through legal workflows. This translates into immediate visibility around the type and volume of requests — and the areas in which legal teams spend most of their energy and time.

3. Overall Cost Savings: At long last, legal users can spend far less time on repetitive legal tasks by automating the triage process and empowering your business teams to self-service around legal requests. They can also gain a better understanding of costly contracting and other activities — like working with outside counsel — find out how to operationalize legal requests and reduce organizational costs altogether.

How Legal Intake Works for All Teams 

1. Legal Request: Business users initiate legal requests from communications apps, like Outlook and Google, or ContractPodAi Cloud’s convenient Legal Intake dashboard.

2. Legal Dashboard: The legal team gains insights into all legal requests — think contract types and statuses — through dynamic visual widgets located on the dashboard.

3. Central (Smart) Repository: Next, legal requests are centralized within ContractPodAi Cloud’s Smart Repository, which is characterized by its advanced functionality and intuitive design. Here, business users can personalize requests based on contract type and request date, for example. This means they can sort and further personalize their dashboard views, based on metadata, with ease. (That means no more clunky spreadsheets!)

4. Customized Workflow: Depending on their organizational processes and types of legal requests, users can configure and customize their workflows on ContractPodAi’s Request Details page. Here, they can access all information concerning their legal requests — simply and quickly.

5. Communication and Collaboration: Users can ensure all comments, attachments, and communications are centralized on the Request Details page, too. This goes a long way in streamlining communications and collaborations between legal and the rest of the organization, as mentioned above.

If you want to learn more about our Legal Intake application — and how your organization can start its digital transformation journey — contact us today. We enjoy discussing ways to streamline, simplify, and improve everyday contracting — and the way legal technology like ContractPodAi Cloud helps to make that all happen.

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