Webinar: Securing a Strategic CLM Solution: How to Navigate the Market and Build a Business Case

Watch this webinar to learn how to strategically navigate the CLM solutions market, tackling issues like solutions assessment, defining your needs, ROI calculations, and more.

How to Think About Strategic CLM Solutions and the Market Landscape

Today, using Excel and SharePoint is no longer feasible for managing thousands of active contracts within a company. As such, it’s high time general counsels (GC) and legal teams begin looking for a strategic CLM solution. But contract management is a rapidly-growing technology space. And it can be overwhelming thinking about a framework with which to assess different CLM vendors and solutions.

This webinar is hosted by Jerry Levine, ContractPodAi’s Chief Evangelist and GC; Richa Kaul, ContractPodAi’s Chief Strategy Officer; and Paul Branch, World Commerce and Contracting’s COO. Together, they lead an in-depth discussion about finding the right CLM vendor and solution, and getting started on a legal digital transformation journey.

Watch our webinar to learn:

  • How to assess CLM solutions on the market
  • How to define your own CLM needs
  • How to build a business case with a CLM ROI model tailored to your company

Adopting legal technology during times of crisis can have positive outcomes for your business. And according to a recent survey by Artificial Lawyer, contract management is the number one legal tech priority, with 67% of respondents choosing this area on which to focus their investment.

Ask yourself:

  • What area of your business will own your CLM solution (legal, procurement, or sales)?
  • What level of value will the system bring to your department and company?
  • What type of system do you need ultimately (operational, analytical, or strategic)?

This in-depth discussion will give you tangible tools for your own strategic CLM solution search.

Watch our webinar to learn more.

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